LaTribuna Christian Publishing is a freelance publishing company based out of Phoenix Arizona. LaTribuna Christian Publishing is dedicated to helping new authors publish their books through Kindle Direct Publishing and Fiverr for Amazon. All of our services are very professional and very inexpensive.               

     LaTribuna Christian Publishing has done all of the leg work and we have developed an excellent team. We at LaTribuna Christian Publishing know firsthand how difficult and how time-consuming publishing a book can be. LaTribuna Christian Publishing is also committed to bringing very informative news releases to the public. Thank You for your interest in our company and Thank You for visiting our website... God Bless You  John 14:27   

Chaplain Paul D Vescio C.E.O. 

Chaplain Paul D Vescio is a Volunteer Comunity Chaplain serving Christ Yeshua in an Acute Respiratory Rehab and Care Center.

Chaplain Paul is also a Published Author, Poet, Writer, Director and Health Care Activist.  www.miraclesofkingman.com

Courtney Vescio  Executive Tec. Support

Chaplain Kevin P Vescio Executive Consultant

Chaplain Kevin P Vescio is also the CEO of Choice Media Services which offers a wide variety of media services for your business www.choicemediaservices.com  Thank You, Kevin, for all of your help in creating our website and in sharing your marketing and media skills with LaTrubuna Christian Publishing you have been a true blessing...

Joanna Executive Assistant 

Courtney Vescio's computer skills have been a great asset to LaTruna Christian Publishing right from the very start. 

Thank You, Courtney. You are a true blessing.

Joanna's knowledge and input about publishing  has been a great asset and a great blessing to LaTribuna Christian Publishing. Thank You Joanna  you have been a true blessing I pray that our Lord will comfort and heal you, in Christ Yeshua's Holy Name I pray...Amen 

     Peter Vescio was born on Oct.20 1899 he came to America with his mother and father and two younger sisters in 1910. My Uncle Pete owned his own real estate company called Stamford Real Estate Co. He soon realized the awesome potential there was in publishing his own Italian American newspaper for the City of Stamford Conn. and the surrounding communities. Uncle Pete's newspaper was called LaTribuna and his younger sister Yolanda Vescio served as LaTribuna's Editor. It is with great honor and love that I dedicate this website in Peter Vescio's memory.


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